We Have the Latest Digital Wheel Balancer.

Alans Autos motor mechanic garage Lytham St Anne's use the most advanced wheel balancers we have the latest digital wheel balancer, Modern lead free weights and stick on weights for polished alloys. Driving conditions mean that tyres, even the most expensive tyres don't wear down evenly. You should therefore have your wheels re-balanced every 10-15,000 miles or sooner if wheel vibration can be felt.

Having your wheels balanced helps to reduce the fuel consumption

What are the benefits of keeping your wheels balanced? An unbalanced wheel has limited traction, it can decreases the control you have of the vehicle under braking, especially in emergency situations. Excessive vibration also causes driver fatigue over long journeys.

Ensuring your wheels are balanced eliminates excessive tyre wear, keeping you safe on the road and saving you money. Unbalanced wheels mean the tyre takes more punishment thus shortening the life of the tyre causeing excessive and uneven wear of the tread meaning the tyres will need replacing sooner.

Having your wheels balanced helps to reduce the fuel consumption on your car and keeps the running costs down. The engine works harder if the wheels are not balanced, taking its toll on fuel consumption meaning fewer miles per gallon. Over the years this considerably adds to the running costs for your vehicle.


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